Trump’s Twitter account won’t start if he contests the 2024 election

Twitter CFO Ned Segal said Trump has been banned forever. The ban on contesting the presidential election of 2024 will also not be lifted.

Trump – Twitter

Returning to Twitter for former President Donald Trump seems unlikely. Twitter has announced that the ban on Trump will not be lifted at any cost. CFO Ned Siegel said the ban would not be lifted even if Trump ran in the 2024 presidential election. He said that it would be Ben forever.

Account not restarted
During an interview, CFO Ned Segal stated that when someone is removed from the stage, he is removed completely. Even if you are not the current elder leader. Meanwhile, he said that we believe in transparency. And we think that’s a big deal.

Ben was last year
Trump’s account has been blocked following last year’s violence on Capitol Hill in the United States. Facebook and Insta were also banned forever. However, Trump recently created his account on the Gab platform. They are also sharing it.

Presenting impeachment motion against Trump
On the other hand, former US President Donald Trump also faced his second impeachment this week. This is the first time the impeachment motion of the former President has been introduced. Several lawmakers have consistently expressed resentment against Trump and appealed to the Senate to punish Trump. However, his lawyer defended him. Trump has been accused of inciting violent crowds on Capitol Hill to reverse the results of the presidential election.