Justin Bieber Amazes Superfans 10 Years After Dedicating “One Less Lonely Girl” to the Stage

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Glow in the dark amphibians are more common than previous scientists

Lizard held under blue light. Other species have been found to help creatures camouflage, signal themselves to potential associates, and mimic the appearance of predators. AFP Last updated: 8:25... Read more »

‘Et Tu? ‘How the stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra got fans offended on Twitter

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Archaeologists discover human bone and skull wall beneath Belgian Sambavo Cathedral

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Indian Celebrities Challenge TikTok #PaniPuri Challenge, From Shilpa Shetty to Bharti Singh

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Unusual “ ice volcano ” erupting on an elliptical beach along Lake Michigan

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Colorado Town Names Honorary Mayor Snow Parker

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TikTok Indians are spreading fake news (as usual) about outbreaks of coronavirus

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How these Hindus and Muslims in Delhi are fighting violence

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This 8-layer chandelier wedding cake hanging from the ceiling is taking things to the next level

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