Thief slaps Pakistani police in film style, watching video will not stop laughing

From time to time videos from Pakistan go viral, which do not stop the laughter. Something similar happened this time, this time Pakistani police kept searching for the thief, while the thief was hiding next to him.

Pakistan’s video is going viral

A video is becoming very viral on social media. You can’t stop laughing at him. This video is from neighboring country Pakistan. In the video, the Pakistani police has once again entertained the people. The video apparently shows some policemen robbing a kite on the roof of a Pakistani city. Then an accused is hiding on the roof wall.

Looking at the video, it appears that the policeman is searching for the hidden person. And, people from a nearby house are recording these scenes of thief police in the video. The policeman then calls the accused and the accused switches off the mobile. The makers of the video are seen saying from far away. Look back or look back. The accused is sitting on the balcony. However, Pakistani police could not trace the accused. The video is very funny.

What happened in Rawalpindi during Basel today w

– Sir Saith Abdullah (ith SaithAbdullah99) February 19, 2021

In the video, a child is saying that dying will not be avoided. His mother says he will not die, he will live. However the video shows that the top officers of the police force are just thinking. On the other hand, the accused gives information to the Pakistani police.

This video is becoming very viral on social media. People are making fun of Pakistani police. The video was shared by Arnold of Pakistani origin on social media Twitter.