The roof, elevators, doors are all made of gold. No less than a Golden Palace, the hotel, the terrace, the lift, the doors are all made of gold.

You must have seen many hotels. You must have stayed in many luxury hotels. But today we will show you about a golden hotel. In which everything is made of gold.

Sleeping hotel

You must have heard about many expensive and luxury hotels. You may have also heard that the hotel has a luxury swimming pool and / or luxury rooms. But, have you ever noticed that the entire hotel is covered in gold? But there is a hotel made entirely of 100 percent pure gold. Not only the roof of the hotel, but also the doors, utensils and elevators are made of gold.

Yes, whoever hears about this hotel is amazed. Because most of the items of this hotel are made of gold. In such a situation, let us tell you what is special in this hotel. And what is the rule. How can you reach this hotel and where is this hotel?

Hotel is gold
When you go to this hotel, you will see all things gold. Elevators, ceilings, doors and serving utensils are also made of gold. This gold hotel is not just made of gold. But it is also very beautiful with gold construction. Like other hotels it is equipped with technology. The bar built in the hotel is also very beautiful. As soon as you go to the hotel, you can feel like kings and emperors.

Where is the hotel?
The hotel is in Dubai, not in India. If you want to enjoy this special gold hotel, you have to go to Dubai. If you can’t get there, that’s fine. You can enjoy looking at the pictures inside this hotel.

The hotel is called Gold on 27. It is located on the 27th floor of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, one of the most famous buildings in Dubai. The hotel not only looks very beautiful from the inside, but also very beautiful from a distance.

What is special about a meal?
Dining in this hotel is equally famous. It is said that the menu of this hotel is different from the others. Which is very famous due to its testing. The same care is taken in the hotel to sweat with the test.

If you have to go to this hotel and don’t buy anything, you still have to pay. The hotel charges an entry fee.