Such destruction on Indonesia, people trapped in mud by mountains

Landslides have occurred due to heavy rains in Java, Indonesia’s main island. At least two people died in the accident. While more than 16 people have disappeared.

Indonesia Java Flood

Indonesia’s top days are not over. Sometimes earthquakes, sometimes volcanoes, sometimes heavy rains cause major disasters. Now heavy rains are wreaking havoc in this country. The main island of Java has been hit by landslides due to heavy rains. The accident killed at least two people and left over 16 missing.
Officials said on Monday that the rescue team lacked equipment. They are evicting people who are harassed by the tools used in farming. A spokesperson of the National Disaster Relief Agency, Raditya Caste, said that many rescuers, including soldiers, police and volunteers were engaged in the search for the missing in Saloporo village in Naganjuk district in East Java.

Debris fell on homes
Spokesperson Raditya caste said that mud fell on at least eight houses from the surrounding hills late Sunday evening. Because of this, 21 people were donated. Fourteen people were injured in the incident. Rescuers said rescuers retrieved two bodies and took three injured out of the mud. He said rescuers were searching for 16 other people.

Flood risk in rivers
Due to the overnight rain, the amount of water in the rivers has increased a lot. This has increased the risk of flooding. In many places, rivers are flowing from their shores. Which causes residential areas to be filled with mud up to 3 feet. This has forced people to flee their homes. Apart from Java, the risk of flooding has increased in other provinces. Every year, floods and landslides in Indonesia wreaked havoc. This country with 17 thousand islands is very close to the flood zone.