Rover Perception Landing on Mars, 2. 2.7 Billion Mission Fails to Fail

The last 7 minutes of landing of the rover concept sent to Mars by the US space agency NASA were very important.

The last 7 minutes of landing of the rover concept sent to Mars by the US space agency NASA were very important. The capsule’s radio messaging system malfunctioned while NASA’s Perception Rover was about to land on Mars after a seven-month trip. The signal from the rover carrying capsule did not reach Earth for seven minutes at the very critical stage of landing. But the landing management team soon overcame that mess and then successfully landed on the rover Perception Mars.

The final 7 minutes were decisive

The space capsule reached Mars earlier this week, covering a distance of over 200 million kilometers. The mission is being operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory near Los Angeles. The signal from the capsule stopped for some time after reaching near the surface of Mars. The jet propulsion laboratory was silent for some time. But a team of the world’s best astronomers and engineers started trying to handle the situation without wasting time. After a while, the whole system started working again. The capsule began receiving messages from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the Rover Perception successfully emerged from the capsule and began working on the surface of Mars.

Image Source NASA / JPL-Caltech

2. 2.7 billion missions

According to Al Chen, head of the landing team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the 2.80 billion mission was at risk in the final stages. If a few minutes were back and forth then everything would have gone in vain. He told a press conference that success is never guaranteed and when it is 200 million kilometers away, it becomes more uncertain. It was the largest, heaviest and most complex rover landing ever sent into space. So it was a very difficult task.

NASA’s rover perception will work on Mars

This rover notion would imagine if there was ever life on Mars. Are there conditions in which a human can live. Rover perception will study the temperature, water and oxygen conditions there. Rover Perception will do all these tasks on its own. There will be no help for him from Earth. The Rover Perception is like a small battery powered SUV. He has also taken with him many tools that he needs to work with. It has a stone cutting and drill machine as well as an air testing device on Mars.

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