Rihanna then tweeted topless photo of Lord Ganesha with a pendant in controversy

Rihanna has a photoshoot done. In this photoshoot, she is posing topless and wearing a pendant of Lord Ganesha around her neck.

Pop singer Rihanna is very much in discussion about her fashion sense and songs. Not too long ago, Rihanna tweeted about the peasant movement. This time, Rihanna is once again in the news. In fact, Rihanna has got a photoshoot done for a brand. In this photoshoot, she is giving topless poses and is also wearing a pendant of Lord Ganesha around her neck. Due to which it has been targeted by trolls. Her fashion sense is being heavily criticized on social media. While sharing the photo on Twitter, Rihanna wrote that when Popakan Music told me that nohun wan u no lounger tonight wear me girl

Seeing Rihanna’s photo, Union Minister Giriraj Singh said, “I have not seen it. But Sanatan Dharma in India is very tolerant and very patient.” This is the advantage of gang members who make films and make advertisements. People take our gods and goddesses as they wish and make fun of them. But if someone portrays another religion, they are shocked. This is a test of our patience.

On February 2, Rihanna tweeted in support of the ongoing farmer movement in India and tweeted, “Why don’t we talk about it?” #farmersprotest, replying to this, Kangana Ranaut wrote that no one talks on the matter because they are terrorists, not farmers. Wants to divide India. Because a country like China can occupy our nation and create a Chinese colony like America. You shut up, you idiot. Then the matter speeded up