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Michael Murray

Michael started stacking up computer expertise as a toddler with his Mattel Aquarius. He constructed his first PC in the early 2000s and later, attempted into mild PC designing. He’s spent the past ten years covering know-how for Smithsonian, Popular Science, and Consumer Reports, whereas testing parts and PCs for Computer Shopper and Digital Traits. When not writing about tech, he’s typically strolling—through the streets of New York, or at his treadmill desk at the residence in front of the 50-inch 4K HDR TV that also serves as his computer monitor.

Address: 403 Harris Ave, Sacramento, CA 95838
Email: michael.m@thenewswhile.com
Phone: +1 515-216-7398

Rosa Coffelt
Sub Editor

Rosa helps out with all articles on The News While with a particular fondness for laptops and desktops, virtual reality and displays. She beforehand covered enterprise know-how akin to hardware, software program, cyber safety, and different IT developments, at Channelnomics. When she’s not examining all issues PC, Rosa is often outside looking for sunshine, bushes, and music, or watching movies she should’ve seen ages ago.

Address: 8116 Alpine Ave, Sacramento, CA 95826
Email: rosa.c@thenewswhile.com
Phone: +1 515-785-7398

Content Writers

Edward Atherton

Edward digs into the world of fanatic PC and tech tradition to help inform about updates that get readers wanting, voting, sharing, considering, and laughing on the website. He’s worked as a fact checker, associate writer, and production director for Laptop Magazine and Tom’s Information. Off hours, his hobbies embrace early morning runs, writing comedy scripts, obsessing over particulars within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and planning his final Halloween costume.

Address: 7807 Folsom Blvd Suite 102, Sacramento, CA 95826
Email: edward.a@thenewswhile.com
Phone: +1 515-489-4934

Jerome Mellon

One can say early adoption was a culture in Jerome's family. Thus, he has been interested in the latest smartphone trends, computer systems, audio programs, and automobile tech. In his childhood, Jerome received his first PC, and in the final year of school, he received a smartphone. He joined The News While in 2008 to assist with varied projects and then got promoted as a column lead when the group stepped into the world wide web.  He is a gearhead, so in the meantime, he prefers to go off-roading in his Jeep and traveling with his friends. He is a big soccer fan as well.

Address: 1619 O St, Sacramento, CA 95814
Email: jerome.m@thenewswhile.com
Phone: +1 515-743-9308

Sharon Turner

Sharon started reviewing PC hardware professionally in 1998, scoring his first significant break with hands-on of Intel’s Pentium III and RDRAM-geared up i820 chipset one year later. She now spends time writing at The News While as a leader of the Games column. Sharon and her team do the portal's gaming content material, reviewing, and writing about graphics architectures. When she’s not testing on the latest games, Sharon enjoys golfing with associates, wine tasting and spending time with her husband and children.

Address: 1199 E El Camino Ave, Sacramento, CA 95815
Email: sharon.t@thenewswhile.com
Phone: +1 515-748-2909

Cindy Williams
Other Tech

Cindy offers content material structure and coordinates editorial initiatives for a talented group of writers in her column at The News While. She enjoys placing her love for know-how and her previous IT expertise to good use. With a background in Enterprise software program that began with Cybermedia, she finally caught the hardware bug and hasn't looked again. Outside of The News While, she's a mother to two tech-savvy girls.

Address: 3437 Airport Rd, Sacramento, CA 95834
Email: cindy.w@thenewswhile.com
Phone: +1 515-923-8912

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