Nepal will buy 20 lakh corona vaccine from India, Pakistan is still begging

India had previously given 10 lakh vaccines to Nepal through the Vaccine Friendship Program. After this, Nepal is now going to buy another 20 lakh doses of vaccine from India.


Nepal has decided to purchase 20 lakh more doses after receiving 10 lakh vaccines as a gift from India. The cabinet on Tuesday approved advance payment for the deal. On the other hand, the neighboring country Pakistan is still begging. Despite his friend reaching China, he has received only 5 lakh vaccines.

According to a news report on Nepal’s major news website, Health Minister Hridayesh Tripathi said, “Today, the cabinet has decided to buy 2 million more doses from Serum Institute of India. 80% of the amount will be paid immediately. “He said that Nepal had to pay 4 4 for one dose.” Which is 464 rupees in Pakistani currency. The cost of 20 lakh doses will be Rs 93.6 crore and Nepal will pay Rs 74.8 crore.

Corona vaccination campaign has started in Nepal in collaboration with India. First line workers are being vaccinated. The total population of Nepal is about 3 crore. If children under 14 are excluded, 72% of the population will have to be vaccinated. 20% of the population in Nepal will get free vaccine under Kovacs initiative.

On the other hand, Pakistan, with a population of over 220 million, has so far received only 5 lakh crore vaccines from China. Pakistan has not yet dared to ask for the Corona vaccine from India. The government of Imran has approved the Kovishield made in India to be vaccinated under the Kovacs program. So far the Imran Khan government has not been able to buy even a single dose of Corona for its people.