Modi government’s digital strike gives big blow to China, know how much damage to app market

The use of indigenous apps has increased after India banned many Chinese apps. While India is directly benefiting from this, China is suffering huge losses.

Chinese app ben

The central government banned Chinese apps due to the growing dispute between India and China. The impact of this government digital strike is now being felt in China as well. Several important decisions have been taken by India in the last few months due to the growing dispute over the border between the two countries. One such decision was to ban Chinese applications. After the ban on Chinese apps, the share and consumption of Indian apps in the market is now continuously increasing. On the other hand, Chinese apps are decreasing.

Percentage reduction

According to Appsflyer, Chinese apps accounted for 38% of the Indian market in 2019. Which has now come down to only 29 per cent. At that time, the share of Indian applications has increased to 39 percent.

Teak China from these countries

China has received twists not only from India but also from America, Russia and Germany. The share of Chinese apps in these countries has also decreased. According to a report by Appflyer India, the popularity of Chinese apps has diminished in many large countries. People in these countries have uninstalled Chinese apps from their mobiles. Talking about India, when Chinese apps were banned for the first time in the era of Koro, the market of indigenous apps in India started growing and people started installing Indian apps on mobile.

Small town battles

Small cities are seeing more contribution than big cities. The demand for apps in the sub-urban areas of India, Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities is continuously increasing, which has given a boost to the market for apps in these spaces. According to a report by Apps Flyer India, small cities account for 85% of all applications installed in the country. Apps from gaming to fintech companies have been installed during this period.

Market growth due to corona

On one hand, Corona is growing and the condition of many industries is deteriorating, while applications and digital companies have seen a lot of growth. The business of these companies has increased when people were closed at home. People had more time on mobile due to Corona. App companies have benefited from this. Also the dual benefit of India banning Chinese applications.