Khalsa TV fined Rs 50 lakh for inciting Sikhs to violence in Britain

Khalsa Television Ltd in the UK has been fined Rs 50 lakh for inciting Sikhs to violence and murder. Khalsa TV showed a picture of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi bleeding from wax.

Khalsa TV

Khalsa TV has received a major setback in Britain for inciting Sikhs through violent broadcasts. UK-based Media Inc has fined Khalsa TV Ltd about Rs 50 lakh (₹ 50,000). Ofcom blamed the company for airing music videos supporting violence in the Indian state and for showing violent acts of Sikh separatists on TV.

Not only this, Khalsa TV has been blamed for airing such discussion-based programs that promote violence against critics of Sikhism. Also convicted for discussing incentives to legalize a terrorist group. The song of the music video ‘Bagga Aur Shera’ was aired on Khalsa TV in July 2018. In which the picture of Indira Gandhi was shown. Blood was dripping from Indira Gandhi’s mouth. The picture captioned, “The blind woman drank innocent blood.” The song was playing in this video. ‘The warriors will destroy your kingdom.’ And it was shown burning the Red Fort.

‘People incited to murder and violence’
In a statement, Comcom said, “We believe the pictures and videos are inciting violence against the Indian state. Sing praises to the perpetrators together.” Khalsa TV has a license to broadcast programs on Sikh issues in Britain. A fine of ₹ 20,000 has been imposed for airing three music videos on Khalsa TV.

Ofcom said that the video indirectly supports the violent actions of Sikh militants. This includes those who killed those running Operation Blue Star. Khalistani terrorists were involved in the murders of those involved in Operation Blue Star. Ofcom said the video also incited others to murder and violence. NIA has filed several charge sheets against Ramandeep Singh Bagga and Hardeep Singh Shera of Khalistan Liberation Force. He is accused of murder in India.