Facebook bans all news websites in Australia, angry with government order to pay

In Australia the government is going to enact a law that Google and Facebook must pay to the news website for every click. Influenced by this rule, Facebook has banned many websites.

Facebook banned every news website

Facebook suddenly banned several pages in Australia on Thursday. Due to which many services were affected. Facebook banned posting anything on multiple pages. Page warned people about the corona virus, fire and cyclone. Please tell that Facebook has banned it on many government pages and websites along with the news website.

In Australia, Facebook banned all news pages from posting on news pages due to legislation on the payment of news. Facebook’s ban includes news websites as well as some government departments and government sites.

Environment Minister Susan Lee confirmed that the government’s Meteorological Department page was also badly affected by the Facebook ban. Appealed to people to visit the website instead of Facebook page. Following the incident, the bureau issued flood warnings in parts of the state of Queensland following heavy rain overnight.

Too many pages closed

Anything posted on the Western Australia Fire Department’s Facebook page has been banned. Apart from this, many opposition leaders, many State Departments were also affected by it.

At least three state health departments, which are issuing regular updates on the coronovirus epidemic for thousands of Australians, have also been affected. Facebook’s own page, along with the National Secular Assault and Domestic Violence Service and some charitable organizations, gave a distinct look to users in Australia.

Facebook and Google have to pay

In Australia, Google and Facebook have to pay publishers to print news. The government is going to make a law in this regard. Publishers will have to pay for each click on the news link, it was said on Tuesday.

Google and Facebook have expressed resentment and threatened to shut down Google services in the country if the law is passed. At the same time Facebook said that Australian publishers would be banned from sharing news if it was being forced to pay and if that happened. Facebook has also shown this later.