Expensive to see here, see the world’s most dangerous cities

There are some countries and cities in the world where traveling can be dangerous for you, cities that were once a center of attraction for people.


Aleppo, Syria: Aleppo was the largest city in Syria ever. The city was a center of ancient history, art, culture, sports and education. But due to the civil war the people migrated here and gradually the whole city was evacuated, but now with time the locals are returning, even though Syria is still a battleground and not safe for foreigners .


Sanaa, Yemen: The political situation in Sanaa, Yemen, has long been unstable, damaged in 2015 by a bomb blast at one of the city’s 4 heritage sites. Foreign tourists are not advised to visit the city.


Pyongyang, North Korea: A trip to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, is not safe. Despite recent steps towards a political solution, the country is considered a threat. Foreigners face many restrictions here. One of the strangest rules in North Korea is that if a local finds your behavior derogatory during your trip, you can be punished severely.


Khartoum, Sudan: The capital of Sudan is Khartoum where the white and blue Nile River meet. Civil war and friction have long led to a state of emergency in parts of Sudan, with curfews and restrictions imposed in the city.


Bogota, Colombia: Located in the heart of Colombia, the capital of Colombia, the city is acclaimed for its great architecture, art and specialty coffee, but the crime rate here is high, with some cities in Colombia currently insecure for tourists. .


Islamabad, Pakistan: Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, which came into existence during the 1960s. Islamabad is a relatively new city. The city is known for its high standard of living as well as being very large. But it is considered a dangerous area due to terrorist attacks, making it more vulnerable during religious holidays and elections.


Juba, South Sudan: South Sudan has been at war since 2013 to see migratory birds. Traveling there is no longer safe due to the ongoing armed conflict and violence in Juba City. Foreigners currently living in South Sudan are being advised to move out safely at the earliest.


Kabul, Afghanistan: Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan. At one time its palaces, markets and gardens were the center of attraction for tourists, but now the city has become the center of bombings, attacks and kidnappings.