Ebola outbreak declared in Guinea, three dead, many infected Ebola outbreak declared in Guinea, three killed, many infected

Africa: Ebola outbreak has been declared in Guyana. So far, three people have died here.

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Africa: Ebola outbreak has been declared in Guyana. So far, three people have died here. And four others have been infected. Seven people who had gone to a funeral in Gauki near the Liberian border suddenly fell ill. These people started diarrhea, vomiting and bleeding from the mouth. The country’s Ministry of Health has given this information. The ministry said in a statement that to deal with such a situation and adopt international health regulations, the government declared Ebola an epidemic.

Health Minister Rami Lamah said officials were “completely concerned” after the death. This is the first time since the 2013–2016 epidemic in Guyana. In West Africa, the virus killed 11,300 people. Most cases have been reported from Guyana, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Government health agency ANSS said Phase II trials have been conducted to confirm Ebola infection and health workers are working to find the case and isolate people.

International agencies were contacted for the vaccine

It is also said that Guyana has approached the World Health Organization and other international health agencies for the Ebola vaccine. Over the years, the vaccine has greatly helped the disease. At the same time, the organization’s African regional director, Drs. Matsidiso Moti said the discovery of Ebola cases in Guyana was a “major concern”. Teams of health workers in Guyana are working to rapidly detect cases of the virus and prevent the infection from growing.

Officials are on high alert

In Guinea’s neighboring country Liberia, President George W. Bush has called for the country’s health authorities to be on high alert. He has called for more stringent measures after the detection of Ebola cases in the neighboring country. In addition, the neighboring country, Democratic Republic of Congo, also suffers from several infections. The country on Thursday informed the WHO to restore the situation three months after the infection ended. An epidemic was declared in the country for six months after four cases were reported in November. More than 40,000 people were vaccinated against Ebola to control the disease. Which saw a lot of improvement.