Bill Gates’ adopted daughter has to do housework for 10 years in view of Godfather

The Gates couple arrived in Patna’s Jamsaut Musahari village on 23 March 2011. And also made many promises to help the village and the queen. It has been ten years since this incident.

Bill Gates-Queen and her mother

A daughter has been waiting for her religious father for ten years in Jamsaut Musahari village in Patna. Yes, Rani Kumari, daughter of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, lives in this village. The queen is 11 years old. Bill Gates came to this village ten years ago with his wife. He also took pictures showing the queen as a daughter. In addition, the Gates couple made several promises to the village and queen in the name of the Bill and Milinda Gates Foundation. However, those promises are not yet fulfilled. The queen has been waiting for her godfather for ten years.

Houseworker, and dream of becoming a doctor in the eyes
The Gates couple arrived in the village on 23 March 2011. In fact, there was an agreement in 2010 between the Gates Foundation and the Bihar government on healthy reforms in the state. Under which work was done on maternal mortality, infant mortality rate, malnutrition etc. This daughter of Bill Gates works as a wood weaver at such a young age. According to Anganwadi assistant Shanti Devi, this is the daily work of village girls. Stoves are lit by weaving wood. The dream of gas in these houses is a distant dream.

The Gates couple also took pictures of the queen on their lap, showing love like their daughter.

Indira Housing Status is dilapidated
Rani is just 11 years old. She was so young that she didn’t even remember Bill Gates. It is not even known who this person is. His mother Runti Devi says that on that day Bill Gates made big village promises along with the queen. There is no money for the treatment of Rani’s ailing brother. Rani’s father Sajan Manjhi says that there is no bread to eat, where can we get treatment? He found Indira’s residence opposite the Kutcha house, but is now in a dilapidated house. The condition of the house is poor and the life situation is worse.

Labors for two loaves
Maa Runati Devi was working with the women of the village at the center to make napkin pads of ‘Didi ji’ (Padmashree Sudha Varghese). It also used to get money. But now that center is closed. In such a situation, two meals a day requires hard work and labor.

Queen has to become a doctor or teacher
Rani’s mother says that her daughter Rani wants to become a doctor or teacher. The queen is in the third standard. The Queen’s mother says that if Bill Gates does something, his daughter’s dream may come true. If a daughter becomes a doctor from such a place, then other girls will also be motivated to study. There is also a middle school in the village. But financial constraints have become a burden on dreams.