Before her 117th birthday, she gave birth to Corona, Europe’s oldest woman

Europe’s oldest woman, Sister Andre, also recently defeated Corona. They are celebrating their 117th birthday today.


The Corona virus may have created a worldwide outbreak, but there have been some cases in which older people have beaten the corona. Europe’s oldest woman, Sister Andre, also recently defeated Corona. Today is his 117th birthday.


Andre, who was born in France in 1904, allegedly transitioned to a care home in Toulon last month. Although he did not have any symptoms of corona. Andre can’t see, but the wheelchair does its job. Andre says he is not afraid of death.


Andre has beaten Corona before the birthday. But they have the advantage of why they are kept alone. However, this is being done for their good. A spokesperson for the nursing home said Sister Andre was never intimidated by Corona. Very few people attended Corona on his birthday.


Sister Andre is in a wheelchair. He has also worked as a teacher. He attended the conference in 1940. Served in a nursing home until 1979 and since 2009 she has been living in a Toulon home.


Surprisingly, there are 88 people in Toulon where he lives. Of these, 81 were infected. 10 of which died. He was infected at Saint-Catherine Lega located in Toulon.


sister and brother

She had the eldest female sister in Europe before her 117th birthday and Corona lost