Hyundai shuts down factory in Korea’s city Ul Mountain for coronavirus-positive worker test

Image for expression. (Image: Reuters) Hyundai Motor operates five car factories on Mount Ul and has an annual production capacity of 1.4 million vehicles, or nearly 30% of Hyundai’s... Read more »

Illustrator John Teniel ir, the creator of the “Alice in Wonderland” character, Google Doodle

Friday Google Doodle screen grab. Teniel’s illustrations have inspired imagination for generations, from children to adults. His legacy continues to flourish as readers cherish these timeless works of art... Read more »

Crude oil prices fall to lowest in more than a year due to fear of coronavirus

New York: Oil prices have fallen to the lowest level on Thursday for the first time in more than a year as new reports of new non-China coronavirus incidents... Read more »

Bernie Sanders calls Trump’s response to Delhi violence a “leadership failure”

February 27, 2020 01:23 PM IST India India The day after U.S. lawmakers responded sharply to violence in the Indian capital, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders accused U.S. President... Read more »

China armed with “Duck Army” comes to Pakistan rescue in battle with locusts

A flock of ducks runs in the lane on the way to one of Hanoi’s many meat markets. (Reuters) The use of duck troops is much cheaper than the... Read more »

Russian President Vladimir Putin reveals that there were plans to use his body twice

File photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Conspiracy theories have long been circulating that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has died and has been replaced by a similar person. AFP... Read more »

One year after the Balakot attack, the PAF chief says he is well prepared to counter any threat to Pakistan’s sovereignty

File photo of Pakistan flag. (Getty Images) Attack on the camp by Indian military aircraft and revenge of the Pakistan Air Force the next day caused fear of war... Read more »

Earth captures new “mini-moon” in orbit about car size

Image for expression. (Reuters) Astronomer Kacper Wierzchos says “this is the second big asteroid known to orbit the Earth (found in the Catalina Sky Survey since RH120 in 2006)”... Read more »

Opera star Domingo drops Spanish show, but apology for sexual harassment made ‘false impressions’

File photo of Spanish opera star Placido Domingo. The latest statement came two days after apologizing for the “wound” caused by his 79-year-old accuser in the face of multiple... Read more »

Iraq’s first coronavirus hits capital city Baghdad, closing public spaces

Baghdad: Iraq announced the first confirmed case of coronavirus in the capital city of Baghdad on Thursday, raising nationwide transmission to six and raising concerns about the capacity of... Read more »