A new law is being enacted in France, which symbolizes the changing mindset of society

A new law has been enacted in France. Whose discussions have gained a lot of momentum. The law is being seen as a symbol of the changing mindset of French society.

Emmanuel Macron

Recently a new law is being enacted in France. Because of which there is discussion everywhere. However a bill related to this law was passed in the lower house of France. There is still a month to pass in the Upper House. But this initiative symbolizes the changing mindset of French society. The Bill discusses defending the French Revolution’s values ​​such as secularism, liberalism, freedom, equality and fraternity in France. Along with this, there has been an objection to the training of Imams of mosques in Arab countries and religious education to young children in mosques and madrasas.

It is being said that schools should be given priority over mosques for studies. It is also mentioned that Maulana’s message has been blocked and banned on the Internet. Many provisions have been made by Muslims such as banning polygamy, forced marriage, checking pre-virginity, banning religious marriage, etc. This would give the French police the authority to monitor mosques and madrassas or take initiative to close them if needed.

What does the french president say

French President Emmanuel Macron has long been talking about the preservation of France’s liberal entrepreneurial traditions. The law is believed to be a strong initiative in that direction. However, some opposition parties are calling it a new political stunt. He is saying that this is how Macron wants to gain the support of the French people in the next election. Opposition parties have said that they will not run in the by-elections, but will continue to do so.

India’s response

The Indian government has not yet commented on the new law, which was implemented in France. But jihadi and terrorism threaten Indian values. Many thinkers have accepted that jihadist ideology cannot be harmonized with current concepts such as mixed culture, secularism, coexistence.

Muslim scholars believe that religious training is no longer needed

However, after the new law comes into force in France, all those people may face a lot of trouble. People who want to live a dignified life without getting into ideological filth in everyday work. Many Muslim scholars believe that religion has become a thing of the past. Today there is no need, no need for parochialism. Some people are misleading the youth to establish supremacy in the society behind it. Hopefully, this move by France will stop it. And the world will get relief.